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It will be slim pickings for American men this winter if they rely on the offerings shown at the latest round of menswear shows in New York. That’s slim, as in tight, form fitting trousers; clingy, second skin knit shirts, and pinched shoulder, single button sport coats. In other words, everything a guy needs to do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight, as KC and the Sunshine Band so beautifully put it..

“It’s a way for us to present Columbia’s expertise to the general public and showcase the talent across campus,” said Bittel whose team manages 5,000 pieces of equipment necessary for video and audio production, including cameras, lenses, tripods, lights, recorders, headsets, batteries and microphones. As part of his strategic planning, he works to keep the infrastructure nimble enough to meet changes in technology. “We want to have the capability to work with any formats that may be coming in the future,” he said..

Some may have criticised the movie as predictable, a piece of confection. Few movies these days aren’t predictable. So yes, perhaps it is confection. While Mattison underwent more than eight hours of surgery his parents waited in the waiting room pondering their son’s fate. The procedure to repair the failing arteries was a risky one and rare. There had only been three such procedures at the hospital.

Watch Spears making his chicken fried steak in an entertaining Cowboy vs. Cowgirl throwdown with Sarah Penrod from Food Network.The paradox in making chicken fried steak is that the steak is a cheaper cut of meat, but we still want it to be tender. Cube steak is used quite a bit because the texture holds the batter well and if it run through a tenderizer, it can become quite delicate.

Kensley Stewart: Being an active observer of City Hall I’ve watched how some things have taken place. This has motivated me to take the lead. The Citizens of Irving need to know they have someone who will listen to their concerns and allow their vote to reflect the fact that they are listening.

One of the things that so attracted me to Shah Rukh Khan in the early years was that among all his contemporaries, he was the only one who took risks. Insane risks. While Aamir Khan, later to become the thinking man hero, cavorted in snake flicks like Tum Mere Ho, danced disco dandiya in Love Love Love and headlined formulaic hates boy, girl loves boy campus romances like Dil, Shah Rukh Khan was pushing the envelope playing vengeful serial killers (Baazigar), obsessed lovers (Darr) and endearing losers (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa)..

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