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My commitment to the welfare of my fellow citizens will be nothing short of the diligence and commitment I gave my country when I wore my country uniform overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I understand the needs of our community and I believe in service to community as this community has given me so much. Working together in unity, I know that we as a community can do more to continue to improve our neighborhoods and city overall.

“I do go out and talk to people conversations really I don’t like going in front of people and just doing public speaking. I’m not like that, but I do enjoy sitting with people in conversation and really helping them. Letting them know they’re not alone in their struggles, that we all, no matter how successful we may appear, have our own idiosyncrasies and insecurities.

Shehas completed her current term and is now stepping down. Founding member, long time Director and former Foundation Chair Maxine Ruzicka was also publicly honoured for her contribution. She continues toremain active with the organization in various capacities..

Last week, the House members managed to pass a gas extraction tax that should have been resolved long ago. They made a self imposed Oct. 1 deadline, but the Senate has only three days left to debate, amend and/or vote on the tax, and hopes remain dim that they will.

This methodology appears to have been used increasingly across sectarian lines as the centrality of biblical texts grew. As a result, the importance of implementing covenantal law by Pharisaic and non Pharisaic “Judaisms” alike by means of midrashic exegesis is clear. Halakhah the practical implementation and regulated observance of the commandments ) was foundational to most Jewish sects far before the destruction of the Temple..

Eric changed his life.Dion Wiggins, fullback/linebacker, Class of 1993: The one that kinda stands out the most was the one that we played Ada in the very first game of the season. That first game was the most important game in getting us started. You have to go back and re evaluate who you are, and we saw we had to make a lot of improvements.

Art museums are few and far between in Orange County, but the Orange County Museum of Art stands out regardless, showcasing brilliant displays of modern and contemporary artwork. While their exhibitions feature international art as well as domestic, most of the focus is on California artists from the early 20th century to today. (pictured).

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