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A Thorsby resident came home from this year Calgary Stampede a champion after her and her two horses won a new challenge at the event.The inaugural Teamster Challenge was held during this year stampede in Calgary in early July. The two night event had teams competing in three main events and in the end it was Thorsby Nolene Boender who came out on top.was a fun competition to see who had the best teamwork with their horses, she commented.The challenge had teams face off in three judged and timed challenges that replicated real world draft horse chores.kind of goes back to when we used horses for more chores, Boender explained.These challenges included the bale race, which saw teams drive out to pick up bales of hay, transport them and then drop them for cattle.There was also the water race, where teams had to balance speed and smoothness as they transported a barrel full of water on the back of a cart down the length of the arena and back while maneuvering through a series of posts. The water race was easily the most challenging for Boender.your team so much as moves you lose water it very, very hard, she said.The third challenge, and Boender favourite of the bunch, was the log skid.Competitors maneuvered their teams through a serpentine like course while dragging a log.

You have more than likely noticed the degree of creativity which is superfluous and overabundant, in my own opinion, as it relates to professional car salesman and their dealerships. People can really get incredibly thoughtful, creative, and unendingly original when it comes to finding new ways t make an extra dollar or two. No one out there says that you cannot do the same.

American military exists for only one purpose: to fight and win wars, said Perkins, a former member of the Louisiana Legislature. It has now been hijacked and turned into a tool for imposing on the country a radical social agenda. This may advance the cause of reshaping social attitudes regarding human sexuality, but it will only do harm to the military ability to fulfill its mission..

These promising examples don’t diminish the massive challenges that Sierra Leone faced before Ebola struck. The country remains in the bottom five of the United Nations’ Human Development Index with a life expectancy less than 46 years. More than half the population lives on less than $1.25 US a day, and one in five children die before age five..

Choose Life Today is led by Rose Mongare, a woman carrying equal measures of passion and compassion. Rose always wears a smile on her face, has a mischievous laugh, and a playful and ribbing sort of humour. At the conception of Choose Life Today, Rose brought the women together as a prayer group to provide them with spiritual empowerment and community, but with the assistance of organizations such as Shining Hope for Communities Kibera and Netherlands NGO Uniting Global Communities Through Aid (UGCA), the centre has transformed into a self help centre for economic empowerment.

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