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(WTVA) American Furniture Manufacturing released an official statement Saturday regarding the fire that broke out at their plant in Pontotoc County Friday.In the statement they said the plant will be manufacuring furniture again very soon. Many parts of the plant were untouched or just need minor smoke cleanup.Pontotoc County Fire Coordinator Adam Patton says the fire is now completely contained after a total of 20 fire departments and 90 firemen worked for six hours battling the blaze.CFO Todd Campbell says they are working closely with the Mississippi State Fire Marshal to determine the cause of the fire and get final approval to resume operations.The fire coordinator plans to meet with leaders of the company Monday to discuss the damage. (WTVA) Firefighters were called to a large plant fire in Pontotoc County Friday morning.The fire happened at the American Furniture plant near Ecru.Officials say there were no injuries, but at least one person was treated for possible smoke inhalation.The fire started in one section of the plant and quickly spread into another section.

Red Deer RCMP located Quentin Strawberry at an apartment on the 5100 block of 37 Street at approximately 1:30 pm on June 15. Because Strawberry was wanted on outstanding warrants for armed robbery with a firearm, assault with a weapon and forcible confinement, Red Deer RCMP assessed his arrest as having a high risk of danger to the public and to police officers. For that reason, RCMP evacuated the building and maintained a heavy police presence with numerous marked and unmarked police vehicles containing the area..

The name slack key is derived from the fact some guitar strings are loosened (or, in some cases, tightened) to form an almost limitless number of chord variations. The thumb plays a driving bass line while the fingers pick the melody and the improvisations. The aural result is a deep, resonant sound with a soothing, wistful quality that expresses aloha, the all encompassing Hawaiian term and concept for spirituality..

Now, take that featured item and create some emotion around it. Show a photo of someone using or wearing it and having fun. Show the item as it could be used with seasonal or even household items. It gives you a light box, and they have very capable running backs with Keith Ford and Trayveon Williams. They very good players. They just spread you out and create space on you.

I seen Shear Madness multiple times in Boston, and I have a good laugh every time. The cast has excellent comedic timing and great, over the top acting that is a necessity for a semi improv show like this. The small venue only adds to the fun, as you can get up close and personal by talking to and influencing the cast (who stay in character) during the intermission, and you can see every hilarious facial expression and detail with no obstructions.

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